Sexy Flail Family Song Book

Yo Flailers!


Thought about doing a zine, but never made an internet bubble before. This seemed more future-timey and harder to flail. Don’t think it’ll get wet and stick together when it rains, anyways. Have fun!

New Musicians!!! (This could be YOU!)

A Bird Among Men


C is for Cadaver


Railroad Rye

Latest Songs: Flail it til ya nail it!

Fall On My Knees – with video!

No Borders!Profane Sass

Leyna10,000 DragonsMountain Days & Lil Girl 

Ol’ Kev – Sleepy MouseAin’t Lookin’ Back

YOUR Songs! Yes, You!

I’d LOVE to post ’em!!! You’ll get your very own page and if you have links of recorded music, photos, or anything else I can digitally collage, send that too!

Send them via e-mail: [galora at gmail dot com]

…or: post them up in the comment box

…or: send them as a letter!!! to Lora / 530 Dakota Ct. / Carbondale, CO / 81623

…or: I’m working on telepathy, should be up soon. 

Booking a Tour? Here’s some resources:

11 thoughts on “Sexy Flail Family Song Book

    • Yes! Please! I caved and added my e-mail so you can send it there if that’s easy. If you have recorded music on the ether webs send me info so I can link ya up!

  1. I came across the band at Ed Fringe this weekend and was totally blown away. I got the CD but it doesn’t seem to play on any of the cd players… Is there somewhere else I can get the music from? There were 2 songs that have stayed with me that I would love to have on my playlist. Cheers!

  2. im lookin 4 flailers 2 rock the shit out of a ghost town on halloween.someone email me at someonesomewhereherenow (at) gmail for more info

  3. I’m just curious. I had a friend show me this site, and it’s fucking sweet for chords. Rad for putting this up. I’m just suppppper curious who the Sexy Flail Family actually is? I saw your tracks on the RYG/Feral Booty split, and have seen a ton of profane sass covers. Is it in relation to profane sass at all? Who are the members? lol. Sorry if I’m too nosey.

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